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Pioneering UK project recycles fuel cell materials    1

Tokyo plans major 2020 Olympics hydrogen, FCEVs boost    1


Ballard prototype next-gen bus modules to begin Hamburg trial    2

Taiwan shows fuel cell scooter, Malaysia builds its first vehicle    2


Hyster-Yale Materials Handling acquires Nuvera Fuel Cells    3

Positive results so far for Linde Materials Handling project at BMW in Leipzig    3

SFC German order to investigate DMFC use onboard military vehicles    4


Plug Power multi-year ReliOn fuel cell deal with SouthernLINC Wireless    4

PowerCell turns toxic waste from olive oil production into power    5


FuelCell Energy sells power plant for UIL gas pipeline application    5

AFC Energy updates on Power-Up project, 25-cell stack trial    6


Air Products hydrogen station for Hyundai, to fuel first FCEV in Australia    6

Hydrogenics hydrogen fueling stations for California, Scotland    7

Swedish region Vstra Gtaland gets its first hydrogen fuel station    7

Linde, Sandia partner to expand hydrogen fueling network    7

Fujitsu hydrogen station data management service to promote FCEV spread    8


ITM Power sells second P2G unit to German utility, UK gas network deal    8

DNV GL project urges natural gas industry to be ready for hydrogen    9


Toyota opens up its patents to boost FCEV industry collaboration    9

DOE funds hydrogen, fuel cell supply chain, manufacturing competitiveness studies    10

German VariPrfBZ project to compare fuel cell test variability    10


Northwestern group invent inks to make SOFCs by 3D printing    11

Korean team design direct hydrocarbon SOFC for natural gas    11


Sandia: Underground hydrogen storage can aid vehicle fueling    1213

A recent study by Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico says that large-scale storage of low-pressure, gaseous hydrogen in salt caverns and other underground sites offers several advantages over above-ground storage for transportation fuel and grid-scale energy applications. Geological storage of hydrogen gas could make it possible to produce and distribute large quantities of hydrogen fuel for the growing fuel cell electric vehicle market.

FuelCell Energy Solutions completes largest fuel cell power plant so far in Germany    14

FuelCell Energy Solutions GmbH has announced the final acceptance of its first German-manufactured fuel cell power plant, which has been installed and is now fully operational at the new Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) office complex in Berlin.


Editorial    3

News In Brief    5, 11

Research Trends    15

Patents    1619

Events Calendar    20